Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am screaming like anything
I am throwing things away,
Breaking the glass window,
Wrecking the bookshelves.
Tearing up the posters
Of my heroes, ever silent.
There’s someone at my door.
And I could only figure out,
That it’s you, observing.
And not stopping me.
With a curious look.
Do you think it’s funny?
I pick up the vase…
You vanish and the poor thing
Hits the mirror.
Shattering my face
Into pieces.


  1. Apnara jodi Sayak dar Restless kobitata pore thaken tahole dekhben je etate tar ek bondhur kobitar khub influence royeche....

  2. baje kathha. ami onekkhon agey post korechhi. ar tor lekhata ei porlam.